ArduiPhone is Born!

Yesterday, the items I ordered were delivered and today I put everything together and got it all working. I’m going to briefly detail the steps I took to put everything together with the pictures below.

Ardumoto Motor Shield before soldering:

Magic Chassis Before Assembly

Next I soldered the components onto the Ardumoto board and mounted it onto the Arduino:

After that, I connected the Ardumoto to the two motors from the Magic Chassis kit and connected the Arduino to my computer to test the program that I wrote:

I then built the Magic Chassis, and attached all the needed components. I still need to figure out how to properly mount the iPhone so that the camera and screen will be facing forward. With all components attached and connected to each other, the robot is born. I will call it: ArduiPhone!

Below are pictures of the completed ArduiPhone:










Finally, below is a video of the working setup!

One thought on “ArduiPhone is Born!

  1. […] started building his ArduiPhone last October with an Arduino,  motor shield, and a Magician Chassis. The software is based on an iPhone […]

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